When we started looking into redecorating or family room we went through what seemed like a hundred paint samples.  We just couldn’t find the right color.  Then we discovered Floral Apartments

Removable Wallpaper. With well over 100 patterns to choose from, we had found the perfect solution.  As our family loves to ski, and we have many ski related decorations, the wallpaper we chose fit our theme perfectly.  

The ordering process was simple and quick, you choose your pattern and give Floral Apartments the exact measurement of your wall.  Then, a short time later, your custom sized removable wallpaper arrives!  We were so excited when the package arrived, and even more excited to begin hanging it!


The installation process is remarkably simple.  The first step in the process is to unroll the paper and lay it out on the floor to make sure everything lines up.  Our wallpaper came in three sheets.  We took a cloth and wiped the wall just to make sure there was no dust particles on it and then grabbed two step ladders.

We started installing the paper, working from left to right.  We started peeling the backing off of the removable wallpaper a few inches at a time in order to get it started.  We found that three people installing works best.  Two to hold the paper and one to assist peeling the backing and lining up the pieces strait.  

We then lined up the left edge and the top, then started pressing the sticker onto the wall, smoothing out any air bubbles as we went.  We used a rubber shower squeegee and our hands to smooth the wallpaper, and found this method worked perfectly.  

Once we had the first piece up and strait, the remaining two pieces were so easy to install.  We lined up the edges and top again and continued to peel the backing from the wallpaper about a foot or so at a time.  We used a small knife and scissors to cut around the outlets, which worked out great.  The entire process took less than an hour!

Everyone is obsessed with our wall!  It looks amazing.  When we explain that this is removable and so simple to install, our friends all wanted to look at the Floral Apartments’ Etsy Shop to choose a removable wallpaper for their home!  We are so happy that we found this company and look forward to our next project!




I think that would look great with brown accents!
Thank you so much!

Your wall looks beautiful! Would you say the colors, specifically the top light part, is more of a warm beige-gray, or a cool gray? I’m thinking of putting this in a room with lots of brown accents and it’s hard to tell if the colors will clash. Thank you!

Thank you so much! I would say it is more of a beige gray it also defiantly depends on the lighting! I think that would look great with brown accents!

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