Apartment living definitely has its perks and at the top of the list is the ability to move around easily. Being able to change up my living scene is great, but I have struggled with making the “standard apartment” – you know the one with four white walls and no character – feel like home. Or I should say it was hard until I found ColoRay peel and stick wallpaper.

ColoRay is a must-try if you’re looking to spice up your space without jeopardizing your deposit. This post is all about their peel and stick wallpapers, but they also make stair, tile and furniture decals (truly if you’ve been inspired by patterned home décor on Pinterest, ColoRay has the products to make it happen). They have so many different patterns and styles to choose from and offer top notch customer service if you need styling advice or have sizing questions. From whimsical florals to modern geometric patterns, everyone can find a wallpaper for their space – truly the hardest part was narrowing down my favorites to one! I loved so many but wanted to create an artsy, calm space for my apartment bedroom so I went with their “Rust in the Shadow of Huge Leaves” design. 

Once selected, the ordering process was a breeze, delivery was fast, and installation was surprisingly easy. They have videos on their site that lay out everything you will need and show you step by step how to install. Pro tip: take their advice and grab a friend to help you out because while it is doable by yourself, a second set of hands will save you some serious time! 

My wall size meant two pieces of wallpaper, so I measured twice, made sure the pattern lined up and got to work. I did have to work around an outlet, which just meant that I had to unscrew the covering and cut into the wallpaper for access. Ultimately it took me under an hour by myself to install and was super simple – started at the top, made sure it was straight, smoothed top to bottom for air bubbles and trimmed the excess away.

The best part is that if you mess up, you just peel the wallpaper away and try again (which I had to do a few times to get it lined up perfectly). No mess, no damage, and minimal hassle – a truly forgiving project, perfect for the art-challenged like me. Plus, the peel and stick design means you can easily change up the vibe in your space by ordering more than one wallpaper and swapping them out. 

The best moment was stepping away and looking at my new, beautiful wall. It is such a simple way to completely change the feel of a room and I love how this design from their Tropical Collection added a moody, artsy feel to my otherwise bright and airy space. I walk into my apartment every day and fall further in love with my space, all thanks to ColoRay Decor. 

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