Chicago is a wonderful place to go for photoshoots. These are some of my favorite spots around Chicago that I have shot.

Alder Planetarium (Museum Campus)

This location, in my opinion, has the best view of the Chicago skyline.  In front of the planetarium is a great place to be – especially at sunset.  With a  walkway and large steps all along the lakeshore, this is a great place for a photoshoot.  You also have a nice grassy area and what better backdrop than Lake Michigan and Chicago’s famous skyline.


Navy Pier

Navy Pier has so many locations for photoshoots.  Walking along the pier has so many spots to stop and shoot.  There is the midway with the famous ferris wheel and merry-go-round and lots of fun locations.  There is an awesome botanical garden inside a beautiful greenhouse and the views of the city of fantastic.

China Town

What a great place to go for a shoot.  There are so many  alleys and shops, the sidewalk pics alone are cool.  The entrance  to Chinatown has a paifang (arch) at the beginning of the main street.


London House Rooftop Bar

Tis may be my favorite view of Chicago.  The rooftop bar has great views from every direction.  The best time to go is during the day, but the only time I have been there and it not be busy is before it actually opens.

Chicago Riverwalk 

The Riverwalk  is a great location for city pics.  The river, the bridges and all of the surrounding architecture.    Walk along the river and stop at one of the many cafes along the way.  The staircases here are awesome as well.  There is always a great place to stop.

North Avenue Beach

Located near the beginning of Navy Pier, this city beach has amazing views of the skyline.  You can do city pics as well as beach and beautiful Lake Michigan.

Wicker Park

This is a cool residential area with a lot of eclectic shops.  Sidewalk shoots are great here but my favorite spot was Reckless Records.  Just be sure to ask for permission before shooting.