Bellab Balloons Denver Balloons

When I plan parties , I always want to be extra.  When I think of extra for decorations, I always think of balloons! Balloon garlands and walls always elevate the room and just take your event to the next level.  

I recently had the pleasure of working with Bellabballoons in Denver, Co.  What an amazing experience!  

When I was  invited to join my friends for a bachelorette getaway to Denver, Co, I immediately started planning on decorations for the suite we were staying in at the Sheraton Denver Downtown.  I knew I wanted some sort of balloon garland or backdrop.   I was thinking to myself, how in the world am I going to fly to Denver from Florida, take decorations, get an air pump, find someone to help me decorate and do all of this while keeping the bride to be occupied so this would all be a surprise.

Thank goodness I found Bellabballoons.  I contacted them and told them my ideas and the problem that  I was having trying to figure out how decorate the suite at the Sheraton Denver Downtown.  

Yesica was amazing!  She took my ideas and and sent me over a mock up of what she would be doing in the suite.  It was such an easy process and she really took my suggestions and made something amazing!  

Yesica came to the hotel and installed the most spectacular balloon  wall.  The colors were spot on and everyone loved the star burst balloons!  She filled up the entire wall behind the bar and it was above and beyond  what I imagined!

In another area of the suite Bellaballoons installed a disco themed wall. It was the perfect backdrop for the bachelorette party!  With silver foil curtains and silver balloons, it really put us all in the party mood!   The disco ball balloons were the extra touch that pulled it all together!

Bellabballoons also installed a few balloon garlands around the suite to finish the decor off.  Everything looked absolutely fantastic and the girls and I could not have asked for anything more! 

If you are in the Denver or northern Colorado area and are looking for a company to decorate for your event, look no further!  Yesica is the best at what she does and is very professional and such a nice person!  It is always good when you like the person that you hire to do the job!  I was amazed with how smoothly she installed balloon wall and garlands and she was very accommodating  working with the Sheraton and myself to get into the suite at a specific time to ensure it was ready for the surprise when the bride to be arrived.  I would recommend Bellabballoons to everybody!

  Bellabballoons used quality materials and the balloons stayed perfectly inflated for the entire  days we had them up.  They still looked great after the fourth day, I only wish I could have kept them, but I don’t think I could have fit them in my suitcase!

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