5 Low-Cost airlines to try in the USA

I am always looking for a good deal on airfare.  I know some people only like to fly the big named airlines, but you should really give one of these budget friendly airlines a try.  The prices advertised are for the flights only, you have additional fees to choose your seat or to take baggage, but I have found that even with the extra fees, these airlines are still a great deal!

Here is a list of  some of the budget friendly airlines in the United States.


Allegiant Air is a great low-cost airline that offers cheaper tickets from smaller airports and larger cities to popular holiday destinations.  Some of their most popular routes include Clearwater, FL. Orlando, FL and Phoenix, AZ.  They have recently added so many new routes and fly from many regional and large airports including Portland, OR, Fort Lauderdale, FL, and LAs Vegas, just to name a few. I have been traveling back and forth from Michigan to Florida for years and this is my go-to airline for that route.  

Allegiant does charge  fees for everything from bags to check-in, but fares are still much lower than the big named carriers.


Frontier Airlines is a great option, especially if you want to hit Denver.  I have flown Frontier many times- from Tampa to Las Vegas,  Grand Rapids to Tampa and most recently Denver to Seattle.  Denver is the main hub and the only drawback for me was the schedules. As I have been based in Michigan this year, many of the flights go through Denver, even if I am trying to get to the east coast.  However, Frontier is definitely well worth a look.  Frontier also flies to many international destinations, so be sure to check them out.

Frontier does charge for seat selection and baggage, but you can bundle these and get a better deal.  Frontier also has a “Discount Den” program for additional savings.  Another plus – the aircrafts all have animals painted on their tails.  It is like a game to see which animal will be your “co-pilot”.

Jet Blue

Jet Blue is a very good low-cost airline, especially if you are looking to go international.  Their routes now include the USA as well as the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Latin America, Mexico and even South America.  Jet Blue recently partnered with American Airlines and now sells flights on each other’s websites.  Jet Blue also is known for the most legroom of the budget airlines as well as free wifi and snacks.  With hundreds of destinations, Jet Blue is an excellent option for low-cost flights.

There is a fee for choosing your seat and for baggage.


Spirit Airline is a low fare carrier in the United States and is the largest airline that offers some fantastic deals. Spirit has a great discount program, the $9 fare club, and offers significantly lower fares than even other budget airlines.  I recently flew from Detroit to Atlanta – for just an afternoon- for a $49 round trip.  I also flew Spirit last fall from Detroit to Cancun and it was by far the best deal, and the flight was fantastic!

Spirit offers services throughout the USA  and to Mexico, the Caribbean and Latin America.  It is a no-frills airline that charges for food, seat selection and baggage.


Breeze Airways is a brand new low cost airline that prides itself on flying to underserved routes in the East and South.  With 16 destinations, it is now easier to fly to places like Huntsville, AL and Providence, RI.  You can re-book or cancel up to 15 minutes prior to take-off with no penalty.  Their slogan is Seriously Nice flights and fares.  

Breeze does charge for all of the extras but the fares are very reasonable and now it is possible to get a direct flight to some of the smaller cities in the USA.

With so many airlines in the USA, it is often overwhelming trying to find the best fares.  Pretty much everyone wants to save money on travel and these five airlines are all great options to do just that!  

Happy Traveling!