This past week I had the pleasure of going to Montreal on a quick getaway, and the best part of the trip was my stay at the Le Mount Stephen hotel in downtown Montreal. This hotel is truly beautiful, and has such a charm and history to it while still maintaining a luxury look. Great care has been taken to make sure that integrity of the original property (which was the home of Lord Stephen in 1880) has stayed throughout the years while still being updated to fit the needs of a modern guest.

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Technology has a lot to do with the way the hotel has exceeded the idea of luxury. From information  kiosks in the lobby, to housekeeping command buttons, and a do not disturb light instead of a cardboard door sign, this really gives Le Mount Stephen a leg up in being a fantastic luxury hotel. However, the thing that really sets them apart is all of the staff that works for them. From the moment we arrived, the valet guys were friendly and able to hold a conversation about more than the weather. The bellhop who then attended to us not only got us through the door, he stayed with us and made sure we and our things got to the room okay. Then once we arrived to the room, he continued to explain all of the technology since many of the buttons were in French. We could not stop raving about how kind everyone was, and how welcome they made us feel.

Once we got accustomed to the room, I had to keep from squealing out loud. This hotel truly feels so surreal, I felt like a celebrity or an heiress. Everything from the red carpet on the stairs leading up to the hotel, the stylish lobby, and now the gorgeously decorated room were enough to make anyone jump for joy. The room, had all the technology that made it highly advanced, but also had little touches of design that you can tell were carefully curated and thought out. There was a handwritten welcome note, a box of chocolates, and two water bottles for us; which just shows that though they’re advanced in technology they haven’t forgotten the importance of hospitality.


The colors in the room were rich and comfortable, and if that wasn’t enough, the bathroom has heated flooring and lighting in the shower that changes colors, a handheld shower,  a luxury tub within the shower, and to top it all off, a bidet. The amenities in the bathroom were incredible and had everything you would want out of a luxury experience, from bath salts, a variety of luxury shampoos and soaps, and bubble bath which you don’t see every day. I felt so relaxed, but nothing compared to that feeling I got when I jumped into the bed. It was so comfortable, and all the blankets felt less starchy like they had been washed a million times and more like something I would snuggle into at home.


After some time getting settled we met up with the concierge, yet another friendly face! She gave us a tour of the hotel, showing us everything from the british pub, Bar George, to the private meeting and special event spaces the hotel has. She showed us the spa where to top off the the luxury treatment you can get a massage or facial, or the gym for the guests who find relaxation on a treadmill. But to put the cherry on top, she took us to the 11th floor which is home to the Royal Suite. The Royal Suite is the largest suite in Montreal, and has an incredible view of downtown Montreal, from 2 separate balconies! The room is the definition of luxury, and it gave me serious goals feelings.

Overall, my experience at Le Mount Stephen was one of my favorite hotel stays to date. From the amazing staff, to the luxury amenities, and just the feeling of the hotel itself I would highly recommend anyone take a trip to Montreal when they get some vacation time.

Contributing writer: Sarah Gonzales 

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