The best Saturday we have had in a long time! With sailing Florida we got to experience the beautiful water with amazing friends and a great crew of people who operate the boat.

What a great day to be on the water!  We made this statement so many times during our catamaran beach day by Sailing Florida. 

You have no idea how exited we all were to be on our Spring Break!  Seniors in college, good friends, soon to be graduates.  We couldn’t have asked for a better day!

From the moment we arrived at the Vinoy Yacht Club, we were impressed with the yacht that Sailing Florida had us booked on. We met our captain and he and the yacht club crew helped us load or bags onto the yacht. Before heading out on the yacht we had some fun out in the harbor. Bada Bing Water Sports supplied us with a jetski, SU paddleboards and kayaks. It was so much fun paddling around before we boarded the the catamaran.

The catamaran was a dream!  We had a great time before we headed out on the yacht. Badabing Water Sports supplied us with jetski, SU paddle boards and kayaks. It was so much fun paddling around in the harbor in downtown St Petersburg.

We boarded the catamaran and we were so impressed by all off the space!  There were 3 berths and two heads (beds and bathrooms).  As a few of us were staying the night on the boat, we put our bags away and went back on deck.  There was a great little kitchen and a nice fridge and freezer.  On the top deck there were some nice  chairs with the perfect view!  The front of the catamaran had plenty of places to sit, but we chose to chill on the netting!  It was amazing watching the water underneath us!

We set sail about 10am and had a nice steady cruise out into Tampa Bay.   Our destination was Egmont Key, about an hour and a half ride.  We cruised under the Sunshine Skyway Bridge and it was magnificent.  

We had so much fun!  We played music, drank some adult beverages and enjoyed sitting out on the front of the catamaran.

When we arrived at the island, we anchored fairly close to shore.  The Captain put the dingy in and shuttled a few of us to shore.  The rest of us went in for a swim!  So much fun!  We blew up inflatables, swam to shore, just had a great time.  We even went for a walk on the island and saw some tortoise!

The catamaran has a grill so while we were at Egmont Key we threw on some burgers and had a great meal!  We stayed out at Egmont Key fora couple of hours.  On our way back we partied some more!  As we pulled into the harbor we had an amazing view of downtown St Petersburg.  

Overall, I would say this is probably the best spring break that we have ever had!  Sailing Florida and all of the staff were awesome!  So much fun and so easy to work with!  What an amazing experience!  

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