If you are planning a trip abroad here are some useful tips on how to pay your way!

*Get a credit card that earns rewards.  Also check that the credit card does not charge international transaction fees. 

* Be sure to inform your bank and credit card of the destinations that you will be visiting.  This avoids holds and security alerts on your accounts

*make sure that you know your cards PIN number.  Most countries other than the US only use chip and pin.  You have to enter your pin, not sign the card.

Restaurants will bring the credit card machine to your table, they do not take your card away.

*When you arrive at your destination,  visit an ATM machine and withdraw some cash.  You will get a much better rate then you would exchanging cash in the US or at the airport.

*Check the exchange rate daily.  You can download app to calculate the foreign currency into US dollars.  This way you will stay aware of how much you are spending in dollars.

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