So you’re finally on the ship and you have a few days at sea! What is a sea day on a cruise ship? A sea day is a day of travel while the ship is sailing to its next destination. Without a port stop, there are extra accommodations to keep you busy all day. Get ready for entertainment and activities galore! You may notice more music and contests by the poolside, incentives for the casino, afternoon shows in the grand theatre, and even special classes and amenities not offered on other days of your cruise. The cruise director and activity coordinators are unbelievable at keeping you full of energy and excitement!

During the Days at Sea, the pool areas have an abundance of space and seating areas to lounge and relax. A variety of hot tubs, super fun water slides for the kids, and a private area for guests 21 and older are provided for your enjoyment. Also near the poolside, you can find Ping-Pong tables or even play giant chess and checkers while enjoying the gorgeous ocean view and soaking up some sun!

If you’re looking to shy away from the sun for a bit, there’s an beautiful spa for relaxation and pampering or a peaceful library for reading, working or studying. It’s perfect for students or parents while kids can enjoy all of the best childhood games at the coolest arcade. Be mindful of the shows that go on throughout the day, they are seriously amazing! We especially loved to show hop after our dinners, from the musical theatre to the game shows to the hilarious comedy shows, every night was filled the absolute best entertainment. If you want to catch a real gem, be sure not to miss the lip sync battle! It had us in tears from deep belly laughs yet in awe from its gorgeous light show and wonderful contestants; the atmosphere was full of such high energy, singing from the audience, unity, and so much fascination and delight from start to finish. It was truly an experience!

Carnival Breeze goes above and beyond in making sure you are entertained and having FUN in every way, every single second of your cruising experience. There is truly something for everyone. Now its time for you to find your favorites, too!!!

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