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What do you do when you get tired of your boring guest room….order some removable wallpaper from ColoRay!

For years the guest bedroom has been a basic off white.  We wanted to brighten it up, so we went on the search for removable wallpaper.  We knew just where to go, Coloray Decor!

ColoRay Decor has so many beautiful patterns to choose from.  From patterns to floral to kids to vintage, there is something there for everyone.

The ordering process is simple and the customer service is so helpful.  Delivery is quick, which is great because when it is time to do a project, I don’t like to wait to long!

Installation is a breeze.  The entire process took us under an hour.  We had three people, but really you could do it with just two.  

We started by laying  out the three sheets of wallpaper to make sure it fit and lined up (which it did perfectly!).  We then grabbed a couple of steps tools and worked from left to right, hanging the first strip to the left.  It was very simple, we peeled the backing down about 18” and started smoothing the wallpaper as we peeled the backing down more.  It was a quick and easy process.  We then lined up the second price and repeated the same process.  By the time we got to the third piece, we were like pros!  

One of the things I like most about this is that Peel & Stick wallpaper is so easy to work with.  You unroll it and can start immediately., just make sure that you have your wall wiped down and fill in any nail holes, etc.  You can put it up, then if you decide to move it – you can!  Just peel it off of the wall and re-stick it someplace else!  There is no mess and no cleanup!

Voila`!! Wallpaper up and beds back in place in under an hour!  I am so happy to have a nicely decorated room to welcome my guests!

There are so many removable wallpaper choices! I have had one form the vintage section as well as now the floral section! It is so hard to chose but there is the perfect one for everyone. The kids collection is the cutest and is perfect for redecorating a room! Here are the links to each category so you can check them out and figure out which is best for your redecorating needs! 





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