I was so surprised when Fed Ex knocked on my door the day before my birthday.   Imagine my excitement when the delivery man handed me the prettiest box ever!


Inside this amazing package was the most beautiful bouquet I have ever seen!  What an amazing birthday present!


My best friend knows that peonies are my favorite flower and researched to find a company that offered them in December!  I am so glad he ordered from Farmgirl!  The bouquet was gorgeous.


The bouquet consisted of peonies, roses, lilies and greens.  The fragrance was incredible.

Farmgirl Flowers are fresh from the farm and sent overnight strait from California where all of the bouquets are hand made with care!  They arrive in a cool box and the flowers are in a hydration pack and wrapped in burlap.  It is an amazing company!

A special thank you to #9 for making my birthday amazing, it truly meant a lot.

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