If you are looking for a way to modernize and beautify your home, look no further.  Removable stick on wallpaper is the way to go.  I recently discovered ColoRay Removable Wallpaper and it changed the look of my apartment so easily, I couldn’t be happier. What a find!

As far as the logistical nightmare that usually comes with ordering things online, ColoRay made the ordering process simple and delivery was SO quick.  The wallpaper arrived rolled up in a tube, and I had a couple of friends over to help me install the gorgeous mural.  We opened the tube and read the simple instructions.

First, you lay the ColoRay wallpaper out on the floor and line up the patterns. It came in 3 separate sections, and the instructions suggest that you work from left to right but for our wall it was necessary to work from right to left. 


We grabbed two step stools and got to work.  The process is pretty straight forward.  We lined up the top edge with the ceiling and peeled away a couple inches of backing to get started.  After we lined up the top and the right edge we gradually peeled away several inches of backing at a time.


After applying 12-18” of wallpaper we would stop and smooth out any lines and air pockets.  The first section was a little tricky for us as we tore the backing and it was a little harder to peel it down, but we got it figured out pretty quick.

Once the first section was hung we moved our stools and lined up the second section.  This section went so much faster!  Once again we lined up the top and the right side and then started peeling and smoothing out the lines. 

By the time we hung the third section we were pros!  We easily applied this section and were amazed at how perfectly everything lined up.

Overall, I cannot be more satisfied with how everything worked out with ColoRay. Not only do I have the apartment of my dreams, but the fact that the wallpaper is removable is great for apartments which do not allow you to make major alterations to the place.  Not only is the wallpaper easy to install, but it looks great, and definitely adds that something extra to my home. Plus! It can be reused when I move, so I can’t wait to see how great it looks in all my future apartments too.  I am so happy with the results and am counting down the days until my next party so everyone can see my new room.


Maddie Mast

Bianca Weir

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